Show Margin Calculations On Sales Orders Lines

As you are typing in orders, rather than guessing how much money you are making on the lines, wouldn’t it be better to see the margin right on the order line. Luckily there is a setting within Dynamics AX that does exactly that. All you need to do is turn it on.

Now you don’t have to go to your manager’s office every time you try to sell a product.

How To Do It…

If you look at the standard order entry, you have no idea if you are making money nor not…

To turn on margin notifications, click on the Accounts Receivable Parameters menu item from the Setup group of the Accounts Receivable area page.

Switch to the Margin Alerts page, and then check the Enable Margin Alert flag to turn on Margin alerts.

This will enable all of the margin rules.

Enter in the Acceptable Sales Trade Margin Alert value, and the Questionable Sales Trade Margin Alert values.

Then select the image number for Acceptable Sales Trade Margin Alert.

And then select images for all of the other alerts and click the Close button.

Now when you look at the sales order you will see the margin that you making on each order line.

Who cool is that?

  1. Steve said:

    Very cool, but is there a way to simply add the Estimated Margin % column without setting up alerts? For many companies, global alert percentages may work fine, but some of us would need to be able to set those alert values on a per customer basis for them to be meaningful.

    • Steve, you’re probably right – but I don’t complain too much when there was nothing there before 😉

      • Jeroen said:

        We have made this functionality for AX2012 (based on cost price or net sales price). Settings can be managed on customer, article or sales rep. If this is interesting let me know.

  2. Chrit said:

    From which version of AX2012 is this “margin-alert-parameter” feature available? R3? Or by which configuationkey?

  3. Jeroen said:

    Hi Murray,

    Do you know on what basis the margin is calculated? Is it the current cost price of the item (InventItemPrice)? Or is it based on InventTableModule(Invent).Price?

    Best regards,

    • Jeroen, The margin calculation is probably just the item cost applied to the price on the line. The extensions that you mentioned you made are probably more elaborate 😉 Murray.

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