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Posting time and materials to production jobs does not have to be a manual, or an after the fact process.  Dynamics AX has a featured called Job Registration that allows you to report all of your manufacturing actions in real time through a simple to use touch screen.  It tracks all of the material issues in real time, and also tracks who is performing the transaction as well, giving you greater visibility of who is working.

No more hand written job sheets that get updated the next day.

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There are two approaches to security that most people adhere to, the Lord Of The Fly’s approach, or the 1984 approach.  The first is where there is no security and the users will police themselves, and the second is where everything is controlled and monitored because the users cannot be trusted.

If you are in the latter camp when it comes to security, then you can even secure the security managers by implementing security rules that manage the security managers themselves through the Segregation of Duties functions within Dynamics AX.

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Tip Of The Day - Saving Your Task Recordings Directly To Process Documentation LibraryIf you are using the Task Recorder to document policies and procedures and then attaching them to your Internal Controls within the Compliance Portal then you may want to set up the Task Recorder to automatically save to the library by default, so that you don’t have to manually copy them there.

With all this new spare time, you won’t know what to do with yourself.

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Tip Of The Day - Link Task Recordings Within The Compliance PortalTask Recordings are a great way to create documentation to support your compliance processes because all of the hard work with the document generation is done for you.  But you can make them even more useful by attaching them directly to your compliance processes within the Compliance Portal as supporting evidence that all required tests were performed.

The next time an Auditor asks you to provide more information, ask them if they have seen the movie… the Task Recording movie that is.

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Tip Of The Day - Document Regulations & Requirements Within The Compliance PortalDynamics AX is delivered with a Compliance Portal that is designed to help you manage and track all of your procedures, policies, risks and compliance documentation within a shared and secure location.  It allows you to document all of this information, track the approval workflows, and also link supporting documentation for auditing and future reference.

Documenting compliance is a thankless and time consuming job, but it doesn’t have to be a disorganized one.

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Tip Of The Day - Assign Workers To Projects Visually Using The Worker Reservation ScreenScheduling resources for projects can be difficult, especially if you have a large group of workers that you are trying to manage.  Luckily for you all, Dynamics AX has a feature for visually seeing all of your workers available capacity, and also for quickly allocating workers to projects.

Now you can stop relying on Outlook being up to date, and schedule the way that you should done.

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Tip Of The Day - Type In Product Names To Find Product NumbersA lot of the time when you are looking for a product you are looking for it by the product mane, and not the product number.  Rather than navigate the drop down list, and then turn on the filter selector, you can just type in the product name, and if there is a unique match then Dynamics AX will swap the name for the correct part code.

Now you can stop memorizing all of those part codes.

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