Schedule Multiple Discussions At Once Through The Mass Creation Option

Discussions are a polite term for being called into a meeting with HR, but the creation of them does not have to be a painful affair – at least for the HR department. There is a mass creation feature that allows you to create a block of discussion appointments for a group of employees that makes this process a breeze.

Being called into the Principal’s Office has never been so automated.

How To Do It…

Click on the Discussions menu item within the Performance folder of the Periodic group within the Human Resources area page.

When the Discussions maintenance form is displayed, click on the Mass Creation button in the menu bar.

When the Mass Create Discussions dialog box is displayed, enter in all of the discussion information and the date of the planned discussion.

If you want to refine the workers that are included in the discussion group, then you can click on the Select button and refine the selection criteria.

When you have set up your discussion template, just click on the OK button.

You will get an Infolog notification of all the discussions that have been created.

And when you return to the Discussions maintenance form you will see that everything has been scheduled for you.

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