Start The Workflow Processor From The Tools Menu

If you have done any development and testing with workflows in Dynamics AX, then you are probably all too familiar with the on-demand Workflow Processor application that you can run at your leisure in order to see all of your workflows in action. It is great for testing because you don’t have to have a batch process running in the background. The only problem is that since it’s more of a development tool, accessing it requires you to search for it within the backwaters of the AOT every time that you want to run it. Thankfully with the R3 release, it has been promoted to the Tools menu, and is now just a few clicks away from you at any time.

It’s like when Starbuck saved Cy and they ended up working together to survive…

How To Do It…

You can find the Workflow Processor within the Tools submenu of the Files menu.

Once the Workflow Processor dialog box is displayed you can just click the Start button and you’re up and running.

How easy is that.

  1. Good to know, will definitely use this! I always hate sending functional people to the AOT. 🙂

  2. I might have to apologize to everyone on this post – I looked in AOT and this was in the USR layer – someone at Microsoft snuck this onto the demo system…

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