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The Product Configurator within Dynamics AX is very cool and is a great way to capture options during the sales and quoting process. You don’t have to go whole hog with it though and have it build BOM’s and Routes in order to have it help you during the sales cycle in quoting prices though. The Product Configurator has a built in Price Modeler feature that allows you to design a price build up based on your configuration attributes, and then calculate prices dynamically as you are placing your orders.

You will now be able to rest easy that all of the costs have been taken into account when you price out jobs. Read More


Lifecycle Services is the one-stop-shop for you as a partner, a prospective customer, and also a fully-fledged Dynamics AX user because it is chock full of tools that you can use to make your life so much easier. One of these tools is the Cloud Hosted Environment feature that will create a Dynamics AX environment for you that is hosted through the Azure services within a couple of minutes – give and take 30 for the machine to be deployed. Using this tool, you can deploy out pilot systems to prospects, create training environments that you can discard at any time, or just have your own dynamics AX instance running in the cloud rather than investing in a huge workstation. This is an incredibly useful tool.

I am sure you will have a better experience in the cloud than Han Solo did when he was deployed there. Read More

Dynamics AX comes pre-packaged with over 40 standard role centers for a lot of the normal user types that you would expect to see within an organization – CFO, Salesperson, AP Clerk, etc. Chances are though you probably have roles within your organization that don’t quite fit into those roles. You can either try to assign those users to one of the roles that most closely fits, or you can just create a new role centers especially for those users.

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The Number Sequences within Dynamics AX are great because they allow you to add a lot of intelligence to your document and transaction numbering. You can add constants to them so that you can quickly see where they came from and sort though them. But it doesn’t stop there. If you have incorporated some logic into how you are actually numbering the records, then you can split the number up itself so that even though it’s still continuous, there may be segment separators that highlight that certain numbers are significant.

Now you just need to train the users on what the numbers mean… Read More

If you have implemented some sort if intelligence within your numbering or naming schemes within Dynamics AX, then having it automatically assign a sequential number through auto-numbering completely messes up all of your hard work, but having your numbering as just a manual process also has it’s disadvantages because you need to find the right slot to fit your number into as well. Dynamics AX has an option to allow you to override the automatic numbering that gets assigned though allowing you to accept the number it suggests, or change it up or down based on your preferences. This gives you the best of both worlds when it comes to numbering.

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Workflows are great because they enforce a uniform procedure to your business processes, and make sure people are not sidestepping the standard procedures through creative approval processes. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t build steps into your workflows that are sidestepped in certain situations. If you don’t want a certain task to be performed based on a dollar value, or a coding on the record, then you can use the conditional processing on the workflow tasks to automatically complete it and then continue on to the next step in the workflow.

This way you will always have the users wondering if they are going to have to do something else, or get a free pass through the workflow. Read More

If you want to track your Purchase Orders a little more closely, then you may want to turn on the Change Management feature within the Procurement & Sourcing module of Dynamics AX. This gives you the added ability to have workflow approvals on your Purchase Orders, but will also give you the ability to view the old versions of the Purchase Orders and see the differences between the versions.

Now you won’t have to play “Spot The Difference” when trying to work out what was updated on the Purchase Order. Read More