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The Number Sequences within Dynamics AX are great because they allow you to add a lot of intelligence to your document and transaction numbering. You can add constants to them so that you can quickly see where they came from and sort though them. But it doesn’t stop there. If you have incorporated some logic into how you are actually numbering the records, then you can split the number up itself so that even though it’s still continuous, there may be segment separators that highlight that certain numbers are significant.

Now you just need to train the users on what the numbers mean… Read More

If you have implemented some sort if intelligence within your numbering or naming schemes within Dynamics AX, then having it automatically assign a sequential number through auto-numbering completely messes up all of your hard work, but having your numbering as just a manual process also has it’s disadvantages because you need to find the right slot to fit your number into as well. Dynamics AX has an option to allow you to override the automatic numbering that gets assigned though allowing you to accept the number it suggests, or change it up or down based on your preferences. This gives you the best of both worlds when it comes to numbering.

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Workflows are great because they enforce a uniform procedure to your business processes, and make sure people are not sidestepping the standard procedures through creative approval processes. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t build steps into your workflows that are sidestepped in certain situations. If you don’t want a certain task to be performed based on a dollar value, or a coding on the record, then you can use the conditional processing on the workflow tasks to automatically complete it and then continue on to the next step in the workflow.

This way you will always have the users wondering if they are going to have to do something else, or get a free pass through the workflow. Read More

If you want to track your Purchase Orders a little more closely, then you may want to turn on the Change Management feature within the Procurement & Sourcing module of Dynamics AX. This gives you the added ability to have workflow approvals on your Purchase Orders, but will also give you the ability to view the old versions of the Purchase Orders and see the differences between the versions.

Now you won’t have to play “Spot The Difference” when trying to work out what was updated on the Purchase Order. Read More

Although you always want to keep an eye on the transactions that are flowing through Dynamics AX, sometimes there are transactions that you want to keep an even closer eye on. Workflow is a great way to do this, but maybe you don’t want to have to initiate a workflow for every transaction, maybe you just want to do it in certain situations. Not a problem, you can tell Dynamics AX when to run the workflow, and in all other cases don’t even show the submit button.

It’s a devilishly fiendish way to trap transactions. Read More

Blogs are a great source of information, and come in many shapes and sizes ranging from external blogs that you may periodically access for inspiration and information, to internal blogs that you may have set up within your organization that give the employees updates on the happening within the company. For the more important blogs, you may want to add them to your Dynamics AX
Role Center page so that they are delivered directly to you.

It’s like your own personal newspaper delivery minus the neighbor that steals it before you get up. Read More

The Document Attachment feature within Dynamics AX is great, because you can attach files to any record in the system. But sometimes you have document attachments that do not have records that they can be attached to yet, and may have to create records and then attach them after the fact. In these cases you can take advantage of the unattached document feature and even add workflow processes around the document to make sure that it gets processed by the right people.

It’s like matchmaking, except for files. Read More

If the General Ledger is the heart and soul of Dynamics AX, and then the Journals are the DNA that builds up all of the information about the company. So it makes sense that you would want to make sure that people aren’t just making postings willy nilly within the system. Some of the postings are automatic, some will be controlled through approval processes, but for the special journals that the finance department use, you may want to secure them down by making them private so that only certain people are able to see them.

The finance group is not a secret group, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not a group with secrets. Read More

There are probably a lot of reference websites that you always go to during your day that you use in conjunction with Dynamics AX. Although it is not a big deal to open up your browser and type in the website address, you may want to make your life just a little bit easier and add the links to the pages directly within the Dynamics AX form that you are usually in when you need it. That way you are just a click away from the site rather than a couple of clicks and a lot of typing.

Although I wouldn’t suggest that you add Farm Town as a link no matter how many crops you still have to harvest… Read More