Convert Any Record Into A Template

You may be familiar with the template capabilities that are available within the Released Products, but that isn’t the only place that you can create templates. You can turn any record within Dynamics AX into a public or personal template that you can use to pre-populate fields saving you setup time, and also ensuring that all of the miscellaneous fields are configures just how you like them.

It’s like having your own cookie cutter creator.

How To Do It…

To do this, find the record that you want to use as a template.

Then right-mouse-click on the form and select the Record Info menu item.

When the Record Information dialog box is displayed, click on either the Company Accounts Template button if you want to make this template available to everyone, or the User Template button if you just want to create a template for your own personal use.

This will open up a Create Template dialog box where you just need to assign your template a Name and a Description and then click on the OK button.

How It Works…

Now when you create a new record, a Select A Template dialog box will be displayed where you can select which template you want to use as the foundation. All you need to do is select one and then click the OK button.

All of the information from the template will default in.

And all of those miscellaneous fields that takes the real setup time will be set up for you.

That should make life a lot easier.

  1. kyandrich said:

    Murray, this will be a very handy trick. Can you apply the customer template to multiple customers at once in the same way you can apply a product template to multiple products at once?

    • Kyle, there isn’t the apply option right now like there is on the product, although I hope that MS add it in because it would make life so much easier when it comes to data setup 🙂

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