Use Auto-Numbering Unless You Don’t Feel Like It

If you have implemented some sort if intelligence within your numbering or naming schemes within Dynamics AX, then having it automatically assign a sequential number through auto-numbering completely messes up all of your hard work, but having your numbering as just a manual process also has it’s disadvantages because you need to find the right slot to fit your number into as well. Dynamics AX has an option to allow you to override the automatic numbering that gets assigned though allowing you to accept the number it suggests, or change it up or down based on your preferences. This gives you the best of both worlds when it comes to numbering.

Who said you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

How To Do It…

In my system I have a simple scheme for numbering my products i.e. 1XXXXX for Raw Ingredients, 3XXXXX for Finished Goods, 4XXXXX for Packaging Supplies and 9XXXXX for Configured Products. Most of the time I will be adding new finished goods, so I want my numbering sequence to default in within the 3XXXXX series.

To do this, click on the Product Information Management Parameters menu item within the Setup group of the Product Information Management area page.

When the Product Information Management Parameters form is displayed, select the Number Sequence page, and then right-mouse-click on the Product Number number sequence and select View Details from the pop-up menu.

When the Number Sequence maintenance form is displayed, click on the Edit button within the Maintain group of the Number Sequence ribbon bar.

For this number sequence I have it set to manual so that I can enter in any number. To make this a semi-automated numbering sequence, uncheck the Manual flag within the General tab group.

Then set the Next number to the next number in the sequence that you want to use.

Also, check the To A Lower Number and To A Higher Number flags within the Allow User Changes group of the General tab group. This will allow the users to change the number even when it is auto-assigned.

Once you are done, you can click the Close button and exit out of the form.

How It Works…

Now when I create a new record, Dynamics AX will suggest the next product number in the sequence that I normally add products within.

But, if I want to change it then there is nothing stopping me from adding a higher or lower number.

  1. kyandrich said:

    Murray, for the auto-generated number you decided not to use (looks like 300139 in your example), will AX grab that number for the next product you create? Or will AX grab the next number (300140)?

    • Kyle, you spotted the one problem with this – when the 300139 is reserved by AX, then the next number that it will choose is 300140 for the next number even if you don’t use it. I think that maybe the Continuous option will fix that…

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