Tally Packaging Quantities On Order Lines

If you are putting your products into boxes before you ship them out, or if you are worried about the cube space that the order lines will take up when being shipped then you might want to get Dynamics AX to calculate them on the fly as you enter in the order lines. The package calculation allows you to define how many items of a product goes into a standard package, and then it will tell you how many of those packages will be used on the order. For example, if you can fit 4 items in a box and the customer orders 6 then it will tell you that you need 2 boxes.

Now you can optimize you packing regardless of the product.

How To Do It…

Click on the Packing Units menu item within the Packing Material folder of the Setup group within the Inventory Management area page.

Then the Packaging Units maintenance form is displayed, click on the New button in the menu bar to add a new packaging record.

Now just add an Item Relation for the product that you want to track the packaging quantity for, and enter the Packaging Unit and Packaging Unit Factor within the General tab.

When you are done configuring the packaging quantities, click on the Close button to exit from the form.

Now when you look at your Sales Order Lines, if you open up the Line Details tab, and then look within the Packing sub-tab, you will see that the Packing Material group shows the number of packages that you will need to the quantity.

To make this even better, right-mouse-click on the order line and select the Personalize option.

Then find the Packing Unit and Packing Unit Quantity fields and add them to the order lines table.

Now as you build up the order, the packing units will show up alongside the order quantities.

Isn’t that so useful?

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    Personally I like this job. Thank you for sharing.

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