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Workflows are great, because they allow you to control your business processes in a more efficient way than the traditional paper (or even worse word of mouth) and make sure that tasks don’t get lost or forgotten. If you want to make them even more efficient then you can implement escalation rules that will assign tasks up the reporting chain when they are not done in a timely manner.

Like cream, workflow tasks can also float to the top…

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The Product Dimensions are great because they allow you to break out your products into multiple variants based on the rules that you put in place for the product. If those variations are priced and costed differently, then don’t worry, there is a quick and easy way to enable costing by variation within Dynamics AX, enabling you to track everything at the product level, but treat them differently based on their configuration.

All products are equal, just some are more equal than others.

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Product Dimensions within Dynamics AX are great because they give you four extra elements that you can use to segregate out all of your products, and you can start reducing the number of base product codes that you use. By default the main three dimensions are named Size, Color, and Style, but if you think of your product dimensions in different terms, don’t disregard this feature, because you can rename them to be whatever you like.

Now you can build your product dimensions however you like.

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Searching and filtering your records based on a field is pretty cool, but in order to hone in on just the right data that you need, you will probably want get a little more creative with your queries, by combining searches, filtering based on ranges, field formats, and value ranges. You will also probably want to filter based on multiple fields at once. Built into all of the list pages is a feature called Filter By Grid that allows you to do exactly that.

No data will be able to hide from you now.

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Sometimes, you just want to search for all records within a list page that match some sort of criteria. If this is the whole value of a field then you can use the Filter By Selection feature, but if you want to be a little more flexible, and maybe search for subsets of data within the field, then there is a better way to do it by using the Filter By Field feature.

Now you can extract out the data like a surgeon rather than a butcher.

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