Set Up A Workflow Delegate When You Are Not Available

Workflow is a great way to assign tasks to people and then track the progress of the tasks, because they are always visible, and never get misplaced or lost like the manual processes tend to allow. But sometimes you just have to take a break, and rather than having your workflow tasks languish until you get back, or even worse, follow you on vacation, use the delegation feature within Dynamics AX to route them to someone else that you trust.

Now you can sleep at night knowing that someone else is doing your work.

How To Do It…

From the File menu, select the Tools submenu, and then click on the Options menu item.

When the Options dialog box is displayed, change the tab group to Delegation, and then click on the Add button within the menu bar.

Now just say who you want to delegate all of your workflows to, set a from and to date, and then set it to be Enabled.

Dynamics AX will now route all of the workflows to your delegate.

  1. KC Brown said:

    We have a situation where one person is the delegate for two other people. The workflow notices do not differentiate who the workflow notice is for that the delegate receives via e-mail. Any way to create some sort of ID to inform the delegate of that?

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