Showing Contacts First Names Last and Last Names First

The order in which contacts names are displayed is a divisive debate that has been raging ever since there have been address books. Should the first name come first, or the last name? Microsoft Dynamics AX has made it’s stand by showing the first name first, but if you are a firm believer that the last name is king, then don’t worry, with a quick parameter change you can change the way that all of the contact names are displayed.

Now everyone is able to live in peace and harmony with their contact lists ordered how they like.

How To Do It…

Initially all of your contacts within Dynamics AX show up with their names showing up as first and then last name.

To manually change the way that the contacts name show up, open up the record and then change the Name Sequence to LastCommaFirst.

Note: These formats are completely user configurable, so if you look into the details, then just drill into the details and you will see all of the formats, and also be able to add your own Name Sequences.

Now when you return to the list, the records name will be displayed with the last name first.

After a little maintenance, all of the contacts now show up the same way.

Rather than manually changing all of the records, you can set Dynamics AX up with a default Name Sequence so that all of your contacts show up wit their names the way that you like it. To do this, click on the Global Address Book Parameters menu item within the Global Address Book folder of the Setup group within the Organization Administration area page.

From within the General tab of the Global Address Book Parameters you can set the Name Sequence default.

  1. Good stuff Murray. How about the similar issue in Organisation or Position Hierarchies – currently I’m getting these showing only first names in the diagram, having to hover or click to get the surname. What’s driving this behaviour?


    • Hans, I’m not sure what would be causing that, but you’ve piqued my interest, I need to dive in and take a look 🙂 Murray.

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