Change The Default Party Types From Organizations To Person

When you create a new Party record like a Customer, Vendor, Prospect etc. The default Record Type that is used is Organization, which is OK if you are always working with companies. But if you are working with people as your main account, then every time you create the record, you need to change the Record Type to Person. This soon becomes a little annoying.

Rather than torture yourself, just change the default Record Type for those Parties to Person and life will be good again.

How To Do It…

To do this, click on the Global Address Book Parameters menu item within the Global Address Book folder of the Setup group within the Organization Administration area page.

Within the General group you will see the field group titled Select default record types for entities, where you can change the default type from Organization to Person.

Just change the records that you don’t want to be Organizations by default to Persons and then click the Close button.

How It Works…

Now when you create a Party record that you changed the type for it will automatically default in as Person.

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