Use Workflows Escalation Automatic Approval For Spot Reviews

You may think that the escalation rules can just be used to move a task up the corporate ladder when someone fails to pull their weight, but there is a kinder side of their nature as well. You can configure them to automatically approve tasks as well if they are not acted upon, making them a great way to have tasks assigned to users for review, but if they don’t have the time to act upon them, or if they just want to periodically review transactions, then the tasks that they do not look at will continue on their merry way through the workflow.

It’s just like throwing a D20 to see if your workflow is reviewed.

How To Do It…

Open up your workflow design, and navigate to the element that you want to add the escalation rule to, and then then click on the Assignment button within the Modify Step group of the Workflow ribbon bar.

When the workflow step properties dialog box is displayed, select the Time Limit tab from the Assignment group, and set the time that you want task to be available for approval.

Now switch to the Escalation group, and check the Use Escalation Path checkbox to enable escalations.

In this case, don’t assign any more people to the escalation path, but select the Action line within the escalation rule, and set it to Approve.

After you have finished, you can click the Close button and activate the workflow.

Now when the workflow is processed, the user that is assigned the task will have a set amount of time to review the transaction, and then if they do not act upon the task, then it will continue to the next step in the workflow.

  1. ND said:


    Thanks for the post.

    I have tried this by adding the limit to 1 hour.

    I can see the workItemCreated and below details.

    “Assigned to user: Due date 18/01/2016 12:39” which is exactly one hour after I submitted the timesheet but time sheet did not get approved after 1:30 minutes passed.

    any ideas why it didn’t work?

    thanks in advance.

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