Navigate The Ribbon Bar Like A Street Fighter With Shortcut Keys

There are two types of users in the world. Those that are attached to their mouse and want to click through the application, and those that are attached to the keyboard and want to use shortcut keys to do everything. For the latter group, don’t worry, you can navigate through Dynamics AX just as quickly with the keyboard.

With combo keys at your disposal you will be kicking butt like Ken & Ryu.

How It Works…

Start off by opening up the form that you want to navigate though. In this case we will use the shortcut keys to create a new Sales Order.

Press the ALT key and all of the shortcut options will be displayed on the screen. The first set will be for all of the ribbon bars and also all of the main groups within the selected ribbon bar.

Press N to select the New group of the Sales Order ribbon bar.

The shortcut options will change to just show the items that are within the group that you selected.

Press S.

This will restrict the selections now to just the ones beginning with S. Note here that there are multiple options available. If you didn’t want the Sales Order, then you can press S again to toggle to the next S option.

When you are on the right menu icon, just press Enter.

Now you will be in the Create Sales Order dialog box.

Now all you have to remember for the next time that you want to create a new Sales Order is:


How Easy is that!

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