Use Excel Worksheets To Make Entering Budgeting A Breeze

Tip Of The Day - Use Excel Worksheets To Make Entering Budgeting A BreezeAt first glance, entering in all of your budgets within Dynamics AX may seem like a daunting prospect, because it looks like you need to break all of your budget entries out by account, and then by period.  But it’s not really the case.  You can link all of your budget with Excel templates that you can then use to make the entry an extremely simple task.

Budgeting within Dynamics AX does not have to be a painful process.

How To Do It…

When you are assigned a budget to update, rather than entering in the budget line by line, and period by period, just click on the Worksheet button within the Supplemental group of the Budget Plan ribbon bar.


This will open up the budget entry template within Excel, and populate it with all of your budget detail.


All you have to do now is update all of the budgets by account and period, and then click on the Publish All option of the Publish menu button within the Update group of the Dynamics AX ribbon bar.


Now when you return to your budget detail within Dynamics AX, you will see that it has added records for you for all of the new budget entry records, and updated all of the budget figures with the values that you entered in the worksheet.

Also, you can always return to the worksheet by clicking on it within the Budget Plan Documents fact box.


How cool is that!

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  1. Hichem CHEKEBKEB said:

    Hello Murray, I have see the Microsoft presentation video of Project Planning, the presenter showed some projection calculations for head count, Revenue whereas neither the white paper nor Technet are showing how to get those calculations. Could you please help me on that?

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