Add Approval Workflows to General Ledger Journals

Add Approval Workflows to General Ledger Journals

Add Approval Workflows to General Ledger Journals

Workflows are available throughout Dynamics AX and are a great way to make sure that things don’t get done by the right people, in a timely manner, and also provides a great way for people to see what they need to do because only the tasks that they need to worry about are assigned to them.  An example of this is that you can create workflow approval processes on any of your GL Journal codes, ensuring that no-one posts journals without some sort of review.

Everyone seems a little bit intimidated by workflows – probably because they think that they require code, and that a developer needs to be involved to set them up – which can’t be further from the truth.  Configuring a workflow is as simple as laying out a diagram that describes what you want to do, and then just enabling it.


Before we start approving Journals, we need to create a workflow that we will use for the approval process.  To do this, open up the General ledger workflows maintenance form from within the Setup group of the General Ledger area page.

Then click on the New button within the New group of the Workflow ribbon bar.


When the Create workflow dialog box is displayed, select the Ledger daily journal workflow item – since we are going to create a workflow for a journal type of Daily – and then click on the Create workflow button.


When the designer is displayed, drag over an Approve daily journal action over onto the canvas and link it to the Start and End nodes to create a simple approval workflow.

Some extra data will be required because you will need to assign a user(s) to the workflow approval step, and also will need to add some descriptions to the nodes, but if you look at the message pane, then it will direct you on what needs to be updated.

When you have done this, click on the Save and close button to save the workflow, and then activate it so that it is useable by Dynamics AX.


Now open up the Journal Names maintenance form from within the Journals folder of the Setup group of the General ledger area page.

Select the journal that you want to have controlled by the workflow process that you just designed, check the Approval workflow checkbox within the Approval workflow group, and then from the Workflow dropdown, select the workflow template that you just designed.



Now when you create a journal entry for the journal type that you enabled workflow on, the Post option will be disabled, and there will be a Submit button that you can click on to initiate the approval workflow.


The user that is responsible for approving the workflow will be notified either by a toast popup, an alert, or through email, depending on the notification options that you defined in the workflow that you designed.


The alert will take them directly to the record that they need to approve, and if they click on the Actions button, they are able to select the action that they want to apply to the journal.  To allow the journal to be posted, all they need to do is select the Approve menu item.


Once the journal is approved, then the journal becomes postable, and only option that will be available to the user is the View history option.


This allows the user to see the complete history of the workflow approval, and also any comments that were made during the submission and approval process.


  1. Silvia said:

    Hi, I’m trying to start using workflows to manage Vendor Invoices posts trough general Journals. I’m facing problems with role assignments. Is there an user role that just allows to type the info and send the authorization? And see just their own pending journals to approval? I know I can limit access to user group into journal names; but I can’t have a journal name for each user in the system. I was thinking manage this with Record Level Security using Crateby field, but I guess is the same problem? I’ll appreciate any suggestion.

    And another little thing just to be sure, there is not automated task to post the journal before the approval is complete? Should I do it by code?

    • Silvia, record level security may be the way that you want to handle the access, although there may be more clever ways to do it… just I can’t think of any right now. It would be great if MS provided a workflow element to approve and post the journals as well – if you built one then I’m sure everyone else would love a copy 🙂

      • Silvia said:

        Thanks for the reply, I already solved it with security policy, was easier than i thought.

        I guess i’ll have to build that workflow element soon, and then build InventJournal Workflows too. Wish me luck 🙂

  2. lally said:

    Hi Murray ,

    Could write a blog for the below Purchase order sceneario .

    Header Conditon :

    Always Purchase order approved by Purchase manager and Finance manager also ,
    If the purchase order amount is greater then $10000 then it should apporve by CFO also ( total 3 approvers).

    along with that Line condition :

    a) If the PO item is the Raw Material then it should approved by RM manager ,
    b) If the PO item is the Electrial Material then it should approved by Elect manager
    c) If the PO item is the Consumable Material then it should approved by Stores manager.

    I got struck with the above scenario and ..I already gone through your blog.. did not find in detail that how to create , Could you please blog that scenario in detail with the header and line ?

    Thanks in advance for the help.

  3. lally said:

    Thanks for considering the request sir.

  4. lally said:

    Did you get a chance to blog about above scenario ?

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