If you are a little flexible with your pricing that you give to your customers and negotiate prices at the time of quoting your orders then you may want to take advantage of the Price Simulation feature that is built into Dynamics AX. It allows you to model a number of different pricing and discounting scenarios directly within the Quotation and also calculate the expected discounts and margins and their effect on the final pricing.

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There is nothing worse than when a customer short pays on their invoice and you don’t quite know if they just didn’t get the right invoice, or if they are deducting amounts off the invoice for some specific (but currently unknown) reason. In the past you have probably had to either set the payment aside so that you can investigate it after you get through the other stack of checks that you need to enter into the system, or entered in the payment short and then remember that there is a balance on the invoices that you then need to investigate. It throws a spanner into your whole day.

Don’t fret though – with the R3 release there is a new Deductions Management feature within Dynamics AX that allows you to record that there was a deduction and then have all of the short pays go to a special Deductions Management Workbench that either you (or someone else) can then work through and decide if the deductions are valid or not.

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With the R3 release of Dynamics a lot of new features have been added that you can take advantage of. One of them is a new and nifty feature hidden within the WMS module that allows you to add additional filter codes to your released products and then restrict access to them by customer and by vendor. This gives you the long needed ability to restrict which customers can buy which products.

Now you don’t have to resort to homemade filters.

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As you use Dynamics AX more and more, you will find that you are sometimes using some functions from one area of the system, and then other features from another area in order to complete a task. Although everything is in the logical place, you may want to have a way to access everything at once from one menu. That’s not a problem though, you can easily create your own menu groups that meld multiple areas into one single location to make it easier to find everything that you want.

And you don’t even have to wait for lightening in order to make it come alive.

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The Preview Panes within the Dynamics AX clients are great ways to browse view the data within the record that you have currently selected, and allow you to quickly scan through the information within your records. But not all information is shown on the preview page – hence the name. But you don’t have to resort to drilling into the records each time if you are always trying to find specific pieces of data – you can personalize the preview panes just like any other form in the system and add your key fields there.

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The product thumbnails within Dynamics AX are great, except for only one thing. The developers seem to have taken the thumbnail size to the extreme, and they are a little too small to see in detail. There isn’t a simple flag in the system that allows you to resize the image to make it more readable, but if you want to live life on the edge, there is a tiny coding change that you can do that will solve the problem.

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Questionnaires are a great way to gather information, and Dynamics AX 2012 has a great feature that allows you to create your own questionnaire formats for employees, vendors, and customers that can either be filled out through the self service applications, or delivered by an agent such as a CSR in conjunction with call lists, or to standardize HR questionnaires.

This is a great way to implement the Voight-Kampff Empathy Test.

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There are usually a lot of different configuration choices that you can make choose from when you are performing updates and postings within the Dynamics AX forms. But you probably only use one option on a daily basis. Rather than going in and changing the selection parameters every time you open up the form, Dynamics AX allows you to set the default values and from then on you will always have the right parameters in your form.

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You probably know already that you can create your own menu items and menus within Dynamics AX, but in addition to being able to update the navigation menus for the area pages, you can also update the Tools menu as well to add any utilities and forms that you may want users to access. This way the users don’t have to have access to AOT in order to open up those common hidden utilities.

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