Create reports for Dynamics AX from within Word

Create reports for Dynamics AX from within Word

The Office Add-Ins for Dynamics AX are great, and most people are familiar with the Excel Add-In, but don’t forget about the Word Add-In.  This allows you to create documents that are use data from Dynamics AX, almost like a mail merge, giving you the ability to create custom reports without having to get your IT department involved.

This allows you to create summary documents, or internal reports that you are able to format just like you would any other Word document, and also reuse over and aver again if you need to.

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Tip Of The Day - Monday, October 28, 2013

Use Export to Excel and the Excel Add-in for Dynamics AX to create Reports in Excel

When you have the Dynamics AX Add-In for Excel installed, the Export to Excel function within Dynamics AX automatically links the data table that you exported back to the data within Dynamics AX.  This means that you are able to refresh the data at any time, returning back the latest information without having to re-export from the client.

Once you have created the linked worksheet, you can build your own dashboards and reports from it within Excel and they will always be up to date.