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As you use Dynamics AX more and more, you will find that you are sometimes using some functions from one area of the system, and then other features from another area in order to complete a task. Although everything is in the logical place, you may want to have a way to access everything at once from one menu. That’s not a problem though, you can easily create your own menu groups that meld multiple areas into one single location to make it easier to find everything that you want.

And you don’t even have to wait for lightening in order to make it come alive.

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The Preview Panes within the Dynamics AX clients are great ways to browse view the data within the record that you have currently selected, and allow you to quickly scan through the information within your records. But not all information is shown on the preview page – hence the name. But you don’t have to resort to drilling into the records each time if you are always trying to find specific pieces of data – you can personalize the preview panes just like any other form in the system and add your key fields there.

It’s like having your own pair of X-Ray glasses… except you don’t look so goofy. Read More