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If you have done any development and testing with workflows in Dynamics AX, then you are probably all too familiar with the on-demand Workflow Processor application that you can run at your leisure in order to see all of your workflows in action. It is great for testing because you don’t have to have a batch process running in the background. The only problem is that since it’s more of a development tool, accessing it requires you to search for it within the backwaters of the AOT every time that you want to run it. Thankfully with the R3 release, it has been promoted to the Tools menu, and is now just a few clicks away from you at any time.

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Even if you are not requiring full blown EDI communications with your customers, it doesn’t mean that you can’t update your customers electronically with information like price lists, discounts, invoices etc. Dynamics AX has inbuilt features that allow you to create electronic mapping files, for these transactions and then send updated to the customers directly from the main forms. This allows you to configure the one or two EDI transactions that are required for you more demanding customers without having to invest In a complete EDI solution.

Now you can get into the 20th century and throw away those old fashioned price lists that you’ve been sending to your customers. Read More

Twitter isn’t just for used for telling people what you had for lunch, it is also great tool, for keeping your customers updated, and also for communicating with others about any promotions or campaigns that you may be running. And you can link Dynamics AX directly to your Twitter account and have it post alerts and notices for you without even having to go to the twitter site.

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Dynamics AX has always allowed you to enter in Demand Forecasts against products and customers, but with the R3 release of 2012, a new feature was added that allows your to have the system create your statistical forecasts based on the history in the system and then allow you to adjust the forecasts through Excel before automatically uploading them back into the demand forecast tables. Although there still may be cases where you want to use a companion product to create more elaborate forecasts, for most people, this is more than enough, and it’s included in the product at no extra cost.

You don’t have to resort to mysticism and guess work anymore when it comes to forecasting. Read More

If Dynamics AX is the body of all your businesses data, then some may consider pricing to be the heart and soul, because making sure that everything is priced correctly is vital. And just like your own heart, you need to keep it pricing healthy and fit by adjusting it to meet the customer’s wishes and whimsy’s so that you are the most competitive in the marketplace. This doesn’t have to be a huge data entry chore though because Dynamics AX allows you to update your pricing journals through Excel.

Now you have an easy way to make sure that The Price Is Right without having to dress up in silly clothes. Read More

Sometimes, having too much of something is not the best situation to be in, and this is especially true if you sell a number of products that are similar, and you are trying to find the right product to put on a sales order. Don’t despair though, with the R3 release a new feature is available that allows you to perform an in-line search as you are creating the sales order over multiple fields at once and then give you a filtered list of matching products that you can add to the order with just a click of the button.

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Dynamics AX is chock full of useful features, but you probably don’t need to use it all right away, and in some cases even through other people will need a particular feature you may never consider using it. Rather than having everything enabled within the system, you can use the license configuration tool to deactivate is so that it’s not showing up on the forms, and the menus. Later on if you find that you want to use the feature then you can always just turn it back on again.

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